International Standards with Local Competence

All SMC interiors locally manufactured products are tested based on the most stringent International Standards such as: UL, ASTM, GreenGuard, ISO…. in order to guarantee the highest level of quality and accountability to our customers


Market Leader in Interior Architectural Products

Being recognized as a reliable market leader across various product categories has positioned SMC interiors as the clear choice for leading Architectural, Design and Contracting firms


State of the Art Manufacturing Capabilities

With continuous investments into newest technologies, machinery and know-how, SMC interiors provides the highest level of quality and capacity


Technical Competencies

With continuous investments in both newest technologies and human resource competencies; SMC interiors is able to provide the highest level design, analysis, consultation and manufacturing capabilities to our customers


Over 40 years of Proven Market Experience

With vast experience and a proven track record; SMC interiors has consistently met the most stringent market demands and played a leading role on many of the region’s most iconic projects



Our ability to consistently offer the highest level of quality, provide competitive pricing and meet agreed upon deadlines have positioned SMC interiors as the clear choice for leading Architectural, Design and Contracting firms


Comprehensive Market Coverage

With physical presence across the Middle East Region, SMC interiors offers a dedicated comprehensive coverage that can service both specific individual projects and clients that have multiple sites that require a standard that can be consistently replicated


Competitive Quality

We offer Quality Products that are competitively positioned for the contract and residential markets



Ability to Manufacture, supply and apply a broad range of products for both small scale and mega projects within the most stringent lead times



Continuous drive to develop and introduce innovative products that meet real market demand


Comprehensive Solution Provider

Whether designing new products, introducing them to designers and architects, providing sales supports to contractors, installing, testing and commissioning our products or providing after sales maintenance service and support; SMC interiors is well positioned to offer the highest level of service throughout the project life cycle