Live Installation of Active Smoke Barriers in Al Yasmeen Mall Project

The majority of fire deaths are not caused by flame burns, but by smoke and inhalation of toxic gases. As fire escalates quickly, fire smoke can problems, fainting and breathing problems. It could prevent people from reaching accessible exit points. Therefore, installing smoke and fire-rated curtains is an imperative element when designing or remodeling a building.

SMC interiors active smoke barriers comprise technologically advanced fire-resistant fabric barriers encased in a compact steel housing. The barriers remain invisibly retracted until activated by an alarm or detector signal, at which time they descend safely to their fire operational position to prevent the movement of smoke & heat from one area to another in a fire.

We have developed a wide range of BS EN certified smoke curtains to work with every building in every possible application. Furthermore, to be compliant, Smoke Barriers must be protected from a short circuit and or total power failure, this is achieved with our Total Gravity Fail-Safe (TGFS) system.

Witness a quick testing of Active Smoke Barriers SMC interiors have installed for
Al Yasmeen Mall in Jeddah

Product Advantages:
  • Single roller assembly curtains for spans up to 8m
  • All Barriers allow escape for occupants and entry for emergency services
  • Total Gravity Fail- Safe (TGFS) operation ensures safe rates of descent even following total power loss, wiring, short circuit or system corruption
  • The SmokeStop D600A active vertical smoke curtain system is compliant to EN and ISO and is BS EN 12101-1+A1, BS EN 13501-4, BS EN 1363-1, BS EN 1634-3, BS EN ISO 9001 and BS EN ISO 14001 certified to control smoke for up to 150 minutes.
  • Rating can be up to 30 MINUTES, 60 MINUTES, 90 MINUTES, 120 MINUTES, 150 MINUTES

OPEN SPACE ‘Invisible’ Smoke Barriers enable maximum visibility with unlimited curtain widths, with areas up to 1000m2

ATRIA Barriers allow multi-floor concourse openings for large atria

COMPARTMENTATION Eliminate smoke spread to other areas of the building

ESCALATORS & STAIRWELLS No need for smoke-rated bulkheads or down stands

MEANS OF ESCAPE Barriers create protected routes to reinforce tenable conditions

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SMC interiors design specialists can help find the right solution that not only fits your design aesthetic,but also meets all building codes.