SMC interiors Baffle Ceiling Systems could be the perfect fit for your next project

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Main Key Features for Baffle System include:
  • Cost effective ceiling solution
  • Flexibility in design with adjustable spacing between baffle panels
  • Easily customizable with infinite combinations of baffle panel lengths
  • Standard and custom colors available
  • Easy to install and maintain with lightweight baffle panels
  • Easy access to ceiling plenum
  • Easy to integrate MEP services and fixtures in different shapes in-between baffle panels
  • Sustainable solution with high recycled aluminum or steel content
  • Applicable for interior spaces

You can customize your selection with below options

1- Paint & Color Selection
  • Pre-painted baffle panels
  • Custom RAL and NCS colors available upon request
  • Colors shown on brochure might vary from actual colors
  • Pre-painted carrier in Matte Black

2- Perforation Selection

Custom perforations and patterns available upon request

3- Fleece and Acoustic Infill

4- Health & Safety

Fire Performance

Per ASTM E84 and UL 723:

  • Flame Spread Index (FSI) ? 25
  • SmokeDevelopedIndex(SDI)?55

ASTM E1265 Classification

  • Class A – Pre-painted Certification


  • UL Classified per UL 723
  • UL 723 online certificate available on following link:
5- Sustainability

Recycled Content Minimum of 25% recycled content for Aluminum, Steel and Stainless Steel

6- Warranty

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SMC interiors design specialists can help find the right solution that not only fits your design aesthetic,but also meets all building codes.