SMC interiors offer Powder Coated Finishing

Today we have the option to offer our clients a higher quality and environmental safe Architectural Metal Ceiling with our newly invested Machinery in Powder Coating. Powder coating provides..a dry finishing process, which makes the ceiling tiles more durable and cost effective.
With SMC interiors involvement in environmental designs and services, powder coating is a great fit. It does not release pollutant to the atmosphere and it is considered safer than other painting machinery.

Stage-2---Drying-2 Stage-4---Final-Drying-1


SMC interiors core belief in continuous investments to develop the business such as machinery is crucial to remain a key player in the market; which has grown to be more competitive and difficult to infiltrate. We truly believe that by efficiently embracing and developing the market demand, we are able to sustain competitive advantage and gain brand loyalty.

In a few simple words: offer the right products, at the right time and at the right price, to the right people and success will follow.